Friday, 14 June 2013

Bridezilla mode? Nah

Since i'm starting anew here, there's this rather weird sensation of excitement. Kinda like a kid, being given a box filled with 48 pieces of crayons and a huge blank canvas :p

Today i thought i would start sharing something i have never talked about freely, especially on a public platform... If you have guessed it right from the title of the post, well done.

My closest friends and family, or even my old blog readers would have known that i have been engaged for quite a long time. There's this saying that its not good to stay engaged for too long, and i actually feared for the worst.

Things have never been easy for Alex and i. Not only we are separated by thousands of miles or have to endure horrible internet connection and frustrating unstable calls; there are a lot of uncertainties in both of our lives. And to be honest, we didn't even know whether there would be a wedding. But once we prayed hard and committed into it, we set a date, and we worked towards making it happen.

So is planning a wedding that includes fitting in families and friends from different countries, juggling the budget and elders' opinions while still fighting for your own vision an easy task?

It's a no brainer.

I actually love the planning and research part, visualising the wedding in my head; but when you have family members who are 'just giving a suggestion', things get a whole lot trickier.

Thus, i am really thankful that my parents always have my back, and allowed Alex and i to have the wedding the way we wanted. My parents agreed with us that wedding should be a celebration, not a ceremony of protocol to please or to impress people who may or may not even be at the wedding for you. At the end of the day, the wedding is just an event, but the marriage is what matters most.

Even so, it doesn't make planning a wedding any much easier.

After much emails, calls and research, we decided to hold a really private wedding of 60 people in Penang. It will be just with really close family and friends. However, i have to plan the itinerary for Alex's family that will be flying in from various countries a week before our wedding for a short Malaysian vacation, and deal with bookings, fittings, designing and purchasing from Gua Musang (really hard as there is no public transportation from Gua Musang to Penang and i could only get away during school holidays). But i am really grateful that Alex helps me out with the major decisions (despite being so far away), and we are both on the same page in many areas :)

As God continues to watch over us, in exactly 6 months time, we would be starting a whole new life chapter.
I won't even shy away from saying that i can't wait to marry this amazing guy lol.
Even though our journey has been filled with much odds, and i only got to see him for 9 days (during the May school break) after waiting for six months, when i'm with him, it just feels right.

I might even share some of our experiences during this whole wedding planning fiesta, and even review some of the vendors that we came across (good and bad), but as for now, i just want to splash this post, with some of our pre-wedding shots, as taken by our dear friend, Vialli :)

for more piccies, go to

Stay tune,
Journey with me,
God bless :)


  1. one question, if u dont mind. how do u work out living together after the wedding? is he coming over or are u moving over or... continue to be a long-distance husband and wife? just wanting to learn more from others' experiences to give alternatives to my own. thanks and much blessings to u! :)

    1. Hey Flo,

      Well we are taking a step at a time (huge steps of faith), but the plan is for me to move over there :) All the best to you too~

  2. I know exactly how you feel! My fiance and I are getting married in about seven months and we're planning the entire show with us being not only thousands of miles apart, but also with a 14-hour difference. Imagine discussing the wedding decor with my future mom in law in Jogjakarta, my mom in Perak and my fiance in Calgary while I'm in KL haha.

    But all in all, I am having a lot of fun. I think we are both very blessed that our partners are supportive and understanding. The bridezilla will come out once in a while - but that's just because we want the wedding to be perfect! :)

    All the best to your prep, Felicia!

    1. Hey Sawitri,

      so great to hear about your soon-to-come wedding!!! yup, its quite a wild ride but like you said, its kinda fun too ;)

      All the best to you working out those details! Your wedding's gonna be beautiful and you will be one damn good looking bride ~