Friday, 14 June 2013

Ermmm.. Hi there~

I was D.E.V.A.S.T.E.D.

I finally had the mojo to revisit my rusty, neglected blog, only to find that due to some ridiculous-whatever-reason-it-is, all my pictures are GONE!!! Yup, all gone. Just like that.

That blog of mine was really dear to my heart, as it probably recorded most part of my life that was rather significant to me: from college me, to my happiest period as a carefree student in Auckland, how i fell in and out of love, how i met this great man of mine, and my life as a beginning teacher in Kelantan... and though the words remain, my picture-filled posts are all.... *sniffs*... gone.... lost... missing... ....... .... gone..... *sniff* ...

Hence, I decided to give blogger another chance. After all, my first blog was blogger, and let's hope, I do not have to experience such heartbreak with this new blog :')

Anyway, this is only the explanation entry. After i composed myself, i would probably start filling this new canvas with more stuff, pretty pictures, and personal reflections... and make this the new home for my thoughts.

Stay tune and God bless.

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