Friday, 18 October 2013

My Top Eats in Malaysia!

When one introduces Malaysia, they probably start with the mention of how we are a multi-nation, multi-cultural community, followed by the FOOD.

It's no secret that Malaysians love to eat, and can really eat. I even remember Alex's cultural shock during his first visit to Malaysia lol - he couldn't believe how many times we (my family) eat in a day. 2 hours after lunch we would be thinking of where to go for 'afternoon tea' and in another less than 2 hours, it would be time for dinner, and who could say no to SUPPER when there is good company?

I have listed down the 10 must-eat for me here in my beloved home-country.
Let's see whether your preference matches mine ;)

1. Char Koey Teow!!!

Bean sprouts are extremely fat and juicy in the northern Malaysia which i LOVE very much. Fried over great heat, topped with huge prawns and cockles... super YUMS!

2. Nasi Lemak
(Grandma's trademark dish)

Rice cooked in santan and pandan leaves, crispy anchovies with Grandma's special sambal, assam prawns, curry squid, curry chicken and usual condiments like egg, peanuts and cucumber... plain beautiful.

or, the CLASSIC

3. Char Koey Kak ( Fried Radish Cake)

This is one oily but very sinful dish lol. With just the right amount of garlic, thick and thin soy sauce, crushed peanuts, radish cake, pickled radish, and a whole lot of fat bean sprouts - and there you have, my guilty pleasure!

4. Teh Tarik / Nescafe Tarik

Basically its tea or coffee or milo or just about any drinks been 'pulled' into having a froth on top. The urban myth was that this pulling technique cools down the hot drink for easier consumption. Not sure how true is that but I do love my 'Tarik'.

5. Satay

The above picture doesn't do good satay justice. In the right stalls or shops, you would be able to get huge chunks of meat (usually chicken or beef) grilled over hot coals, and eaten with Nasi Impit, cucumbers, onions and thick peanut sauce.

6. Durian!!!

I'm a sucker for durians. Especially now that I'm teaching in Gua Musang where the Musang King originated from, I'm spoiled with lots of good durians, especially the 'kunyit' type. Yellow, creamy, sweet (with a tad of subtle bitterness), a pure delicacy. I have yet managed to convince any of my American buddies to even try one lol.

7. Kan Lau Mian (Dry/Dark Noodles)

Personally I prefer to have my noodles with Roasted Duck, but we have plenty of options to choose from: Roasted or Marinated Pork, Roasted or Boiled Chicken, Wanton etc. Best eaten with pickled chillis!

8. Indian Roti... My fav will have to be Roti Tissue

Thin crispy roti with sweet layers of surprise in it! Ultimate fav to share with family!

9. Bak Kut Teh

A whole lot of pork (from all parts of its body) cooked for long hours in a herbal soup, best eaten with rice and You Tiao!

and finally,
the food that made my top 10 list is....


As much as I love big juicy patties in western burgers, there's just something about our Malaysian Ramly Burger! The thin patties are sliced in the middle and seasoned during the grill, later wrapped in a layer of egg. Both sides of the bun are buttered and put on the grill, then spread with a layer of mayonaise, grilled onions, chilli sauce, before covering the patty. A piece of cheese is put on top of the patty (personal preference) which will be melted by the heat from the cooked patty. Perfect when one gets the late night hungry pangs. The regret can come later lol.

The pics above are all taken during my many eating-out experiences. I'm pretty sure that there are a whole lot more of better versions, but these are my go-to food whenever I have the chance to.

What's your favourite Malaysian food? ;)

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