Wednesday, 16 October 2013

the silence

So I haven't blogged for nearly 3 months. That's a record lol.
But then, it wasn't due to busyness or even plain laziness that I left this place forsaken... Instead, I was actually contemplating to quit blogging altogether.

So much has happened within these few months, so much so that I realised the dangers of exposing oneself too much to the public eye. Where do I draw the lines? - Probably the biggest question I have now.

I'm facing a lot of life changes, first time dealing with so much legalities, and most of all, throwing myself into a whole lot of uncharted territories.

Am I comfortable to share them in details? Probably not. As much as I wanted to document all the steps I've taken, which I would probably do so in a private outlet, but not to just about anyone. The internet has become a pretty dangerous place, where people think they know you from what they read about you, and where one can easily be misquoted, way out of context.

So, I'm moving to a whole different concept of writing.

I be talking writing mainly on three things I love most: FOOD, TRAVELING and TEACHING.

Let's give this outlet a different type of sprucing up ;)

Be back real soon!

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