Tuesday, 24 December 2013

I have finally married the man i want to spend the days of my life with

It has been 11 days since we sealed this covenant under holy matrimony. And i grew to love this man more each day :)

I would also be blogging more about the whole wedding preparation, give REALLY HONEST reviews of the wedding vendors we came across (just to share with possibly the bride-to-bes out there), and also write PRIVATE posts about the real drama that happened behind the scenes (which will be password protected as those will be entries which i hope to read back as years go by and remember all the challenges we had to face to get to where we are today, close and personal, and maybe to be read by a handful of very close family and friends)

Stay tune! (i guess lol)

PS. This is the first year i'm celebrating christmas with my man despite being together for more than 5 years!!!! Been learning how to cook to feed the man and fingers-crossed that the pork belly dish i'm about to prepare will turn out fine lmao.

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