Friday, 27 December 2013

the wedding preparation fiasco which was quite a lot of fun

So, many of my peers were getting married this year, and many have warned me about turning into a bridezilla. I never thought much about it because most of the time i'm pretty flexible and adapt easily. So did i turned into a scary, panicky anxiety-ridden bride-to-be? I probably did have a meltdown or two, but that's pretty much it lol.

As i probably mentioned quite a bit, it did felt like i was the only one making the wedding happen at times. Alex helped a lot in browsing for information and helping me decide tiny details like the colour of napkins and linens (which i know many grooms probably would not even be bothered by lol), but i guess most of the time i was the one contacting vendors, emailing, confirming, paying, checking out the services, diy-ing decorative items, planning the itinerary and making reservation bookings etc etc... All while teaching in a rural town far away from home or from the wedding venue and dealing with all sort of complicated applications for my VISA, NZQA, certifying my original documents, almost killing the-only-courier-service-in-Gua Musang-that-could-send-my-passports-and-original-documents-to-the-Immigration-office-in-Singapore-yet-managed-to-screw-it-up...

Yup, i had my plate pretty full.

But once i had my pity fest over, i started being grateful .. My parents were more than amazing, sending me to Penang when i needed to, my girlfriends gave me the emotional support that i needed and stepped out to help me with the coordination for the wedding, my fiance (at that time) was my rock and gave me full control of having the wedding the way i'll be happy with (even though i was not a demanding bride and pretty much mellowed down and stopped looking at my pinterest lol)...

And, you just start to get your focus back.
Why do we get married?
To have a glitz and glamour-filled event?
To please everyone?
Or simply to tie the knot with the person you could vision spending your life with, under the blessing of God, family and friends?

It's funny how we tend to complicate things.
So in the end, we went with what we could afford - a small yet intricate wedding, combining the Holy Matrimony, chinese tea ceremony, and a wedding dinner of toast, my last dance with my dad and pictures! It was going to be a joyous celebration for us.
One could say we went far from 'protocols', and went with what matters more.

Here are some pictures of the lil preparation i did for our beautiful day~~~

The simple wedding invitation

(we used the amazingly useful application on to make this postcard invitation. 
Alex chose this picture because it portrayed how we first got together at that bench on Albert Park, Auckland~~)

(the other side of the postcard. Done using google image and meituxiuxiu hahaha)

and then there were the decorations..

which in turn became...

(only personally taken photos at this point.. Still waiting for the professional ones)

Overall, my thoughts are - No one really cares or notices the flowers (we had orchids for the tables and a main flower piece for the main table, a whole lot more picture frames and decor) or the tiny details in the event hahahaha.

True, so really don't have to sweat too much about it. As long as you have some personal input in your happy occasion and everyone had fun, i would call that a pretty successfully conducted event ;)

That's all for now! Be blogging about our venue on the next post! ^_______^

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