Sunday, 18 May 2014

Let's learn Bahasa Temiar :)

This year, I am super duper proud to say that my relationship with my Asli kids .. is... TIGHT.


I simply love them. And they are very easy to love.
Give them empty folders for English, and they...

And their energy is always so high!

Meet my fav boy! At 15 years old, this is Pereexjeex, bright, dependable and extremely hardworking!

oh, and here's Rokeey~~ the gentleman, who's gonna break many girls' hearts lol.

and here are some of my fav gals~~

 their smiles are infectious!

and here's what my 'baby asli' kids have done... They created a really simple storyboard~~

Alright, let's get back to the topic of this particular entry~~~ Let's learn Bahasa Temiar!

When pronouncing, remember that each suku kata is 'baku'~

Baik (Good): mejc
Tak Baik (Bad): la es
Cantik (Beautiful): lawa
Pandai (Clever): na lek
Sayang (love): sayek

Saya sayang awak (I love you): yeak sayek mahak
Saya tak nak awak (I don't want you): yeak ijek mahak

Lelaki (Boy): babe 
<pronounced as bar-ber.. not the way we call our girlies lol>
Perempuan (Girl): babok
Ibu (Mother): amek
Ayah (Father): apak

Lapar (Hungry): cerok
Kenyang (Full): behik
Mengantuk (Sleepy): seled
Tidur (Sleep): seklog
Tunggu (Wait): poijh

Tak faham (Don't understand): tok eleg
Faham (Understand): eleg

Selamat pagi (Good morning): selamat yeh yah
Selamat tengah hari (Good afternoon): selamat es is
Selamat petang (Good evening): selamat leng ar
Selamat malam (Good night): selamat layeg

Hope you learned something ;)


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