Thursday, 26 June 2014

Review: Little and Friday, Newmarket, Auckland

Hands down, New Zealand probably has the best coffee! Then again, I might be downright bias.

Always on a lookout for a good cuppa flat white, I suggested to Lina to pay a visit to this cafe that is highly raved in many commercial reviews. Surprisingly Lina told me she had been to this place and said food is definitely good, hence our brunch venue was decided!

With her trusty GPS, and a short 10 minutes after, we found this cute little cafe that is co-joined with a textile shop (interesting)~~

Unlike most cafes that provide cosy little tables, this one has long, large dining tables. Not much privacy I guess, but sometimes it's good to share the table with others, and passing around the amazing chutney (which we fell in love with).

Picture below taken from since I did not have a photo taken of the layout...

Spot a very interesting sign lol.

Food choice wise, one may be disappointed if you are looking for some big breakfast or soft, gooey egg benedict as they only serve whatever is on their cabinet - which mainly are quiches, frittatas, sweet tarts and cakes. We later found out that they do however reheat your choice, and serve alongside a generous portion of salad greens :)

Lina picked Beetroot Walnut Galette, while I opted for a Mushroom and Feta Cheese Quiche. Seeing how pretty the chocolate and Raspberry cake looked, I couldn't help myself but ordered one as well!

They gave us those cute animal statues instead of the usual (and boring) waiting numbers!

and our food came...

Now let's rate the food~~~

Flat White: 4 out of 5 AWEstars
Galette: A real pleasant surprise, packed with flavours!
Chutney: OUR FAV. Nuff said.
Cake: Too full and had to takeaway to share with hubby and WE LOVED IT.

Final rating?

We will be back :)

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