Saturday, 5 April 2014

tour of duty

Came the day I had to leave.

We been telling each other to be strong, but obviously I was still weak. We could be just talking, or reminiscing, and tears would flow out from my eyes... Wasn't intentional, in fact I was trying so hard to hold them back as last thing I wanted was for him to worry about me, as he was sending me off on a long journey alone...

Our selfie before heading off~

As part of our farewell customs, we had yum cha at Racecourse Newmarket...

It will be hard to get good dimsum in Malaysia huhuhu...

Then, it was the oh-so-familiar route.,..

The place I got to tightly hug him before seeing him again in months.... :'(

Then walked in alone through customs, hand baggage checks, got patted down, sniffed by dog, before arriving at..

The plane was delayed by 40-ish minutes due to something with the runway... After feeling restless, we finally took off... Hence my 18-hour journey began.

The only thing that got me motivated was the in-flight meals but both were really mediocre on that flight ~boo.

Chose the beef and mashed potato for 'lunch'.

and the Fettucine with chicken for dinner. Feeling 'adult'ish, I ordered red wine lol.

To kill time, I watched 4 freaking movies - started off with The Book Thief (which possibly wasn't the right choice for that flight as I was bawling through all the 'farewell' scenes, Saving Mr Banks, The Hunger Games (yes I haven't brought myself to watch even the first one when it came out), and Delivery Man (not worth my time)...

When we finally arrived in KLIA, we were nearly 50 minutes late, and our luggage took forever to arrive at the aisle @_@

Once I saw my humongous, 30kg red luggage, I lugged it onto the trolley and ran for my life across the arrival terminal, down the lifts, through Food Garden, manually carried my stuff down the stairs to catch my bus to Ipoh!!! Everything happened so much in a rush that I was quite unsure how I managed to do all that within 10 minutes and made it just in time for the bus lol.

Another 3 and the half hours, I saw my parents, and just felt thankful. Thankful that they came at such an ungodly hour to pick me up. Thankful to be back with people who love me. Thankful that they look healthy.

And the tour of duty began......

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