Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cocoro Auckland - Lunch Course

Alex and I loveeeeeeeee food. But we are very selective when it comes to eating out. If we were going to pay quite a sum to eat out, might as well make it a great experience...

Knowing I was leaving in a few days (then), Alex tried to find time from his very busy schedule to have lunch with me, and we went to Cocoro, a new-style japanese cuisine restaurant, highly raved by reviewers.

And because we were really pleased by the service and their exceptional food, here's my write-up about our delightful lunch ;)

While I was trying to read the menu, Alex immediately ordered the Lunch Courses. I was rather shocked by that because the lunch course was quite pricey, at $45 per person! But he insisted that we will indulge on that day so I very 'submissively' decided on my appetiser and main lol.

For the amuse, we had

deep-fried lotus with spicy tuna, and a tempura salad..

followed by

line-caught snapper and Ora King salmon sashimi with micro leaves, cucumber, and soy base vinaigrette (mine)

while Alex had

Deep fried Waitoa free range chicken 'Karaage', garden salad and creamy sweet ginger sauce

We love both appetisers!!! Mine was refreshing while Alex's karaage could be the best we have had!

Then came our mains,

I had Grilled Market Fish with sweet miso 'Saikyo-yaki', poached spinach, gingered tempura balls and Yuzu citrus foam~

and Alex chose Wakanui beef eye fillet steak, sauteed seasonal vegetables with manuka honey infused garlic teriyaki sauce (I loved mine but I much preferred his lol)

we finished off with Fresh Yuzu and Miso Creme Brulee and Black Sesame Sable~

 ze perfect ending to a foodgasm ;)

Price-wise, definitely on a higher end. But if you think of it as a four-course meal and divided the price, it makes complete sense. We would really come back again for special occasions ;)

He had his eye on the lobster and sashimi degustation hahahaha... Maybe next time~

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