Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The day before the farewell

I have been dreading this day. And yet it came.
One positive thing about facing such separation : Alex pays more attention to me, and literally gives in more lol. For instance, I did something that would have annoyed him and warranted a lecture from him, but instead you could see him actually breathing in heavily, and letting it go. Hahaha...

So how did we make the best out of today?
As usual, after our morning routines, I prayed for him and saw him off... 

Then it was straight to simple house chores like doing the washing, drying them in the sunroom,

ironing Alex's shirts...

Once all those were done, I got ready, sprayed on the very important sunblock (really really essential in New Zealand) - Broad spectrum, SPF70+ , before I took a 15 minutes walk to Countdown.

One thing I love about doing shopping here - 


Once I came home, it was time to start that MUCH LOATHED stage, called 'packing'...

I really dislike packing.

It makes the separation feel so real... and I admit I was quite down during that particular process :'(

At least, I know I be bringing these goodies home which would 'hopefully' make some people happy~
They totally filled up 70% of my humongous luggage @_@

When he came back for lunch, we grilled leftover pork ribs from yesterday and walloped them up before I took a picture of it lol.

oh wait, I have a picture of how it looked 'yesterday' lol


After lunch, he went back to work,while I was onto a different project~~~

When your husband asked you to cook him curry chicken that would last him a week since you be leaving, you will do it at a heartbeat. Hence the reason why I went Countdown - to get the chicken nibbles...

Here we have 1.3kg of chicken meat, thoroughly cleaned~

And the other ingredients..

and the secret recipe to making yummy chicken curry - is that awesome A1 curry paste (bought from Malaysia)!

Sauteing the garlics and onions, lightly-fried the chicken, sauteing again with the curry paste, adding roughly 700 ml of water, getting it to a boil, letting it simmer, adding in the carrots and potatos, boiling again before mixing in the coconut milk....


and tada~

will only season it further tomorrow morning... This will be Alex's dinner tomorrow, and a few more days after... Poor kid :'(

After all the kitchen work, he was back from work, and we spent some quality time together, before he went to pick up our 'celebratory dinner'~

though we don't like the name of the brand, they definitely sell really yummy pizzas!

 Our super fattening and fulfilling dinner consists of:

Apple, Cinnamon, Apricot, Berries, Crumble and Custard on an original snack base dessert pizza~

Half of Lust Deluxe (Marinated Steak, Venison Pepperoni, Salami, Ham, Bacon & Smoked Cabanossi, Lashed With Béarnaise Sauce) and half of Serpant (Smoked Salmon, Spring Onion & Cream Cheese. Optional: Capers, Avocado)

32 inch cinnamon sugar churros with chocolate dip!!!!

Feeling super super fat now.

We are happy fat kids lol.

Now he is watching Supernatural, while I am doing this blog entry... Later we be watching our new favourite series - Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Though we have done this whole saying goodbye thing for so many years now, it is still hard... especially when I thought the time we boarded the plane together to come here signifies a whole new chapter of togetherness...

But I am certain that our God is real, our God is good, and our God will watch over us and guide us through these months... Our end goal is the same, our vision is the same, and most importantly, we are a strong couple who willingly admit our limitations, constantly communicate, and have been facing all kinds of adversity and challenges together.

We will overcome.

Now I shall go and pay full attention towards my husband...
Be updating more in Malaysia ;)

ps. I really do not look forward to traveling alone for more than 18 hours tomorrow (Auckland - KL - Ipoh - Taiping) @_@
pss. I wonder whether they would miraculously upgrade me to business class again...
psss. I know that's just wishful thinking lol.

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