Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Dating Myself

I have always known that getting married would mean going from just 'me' to living for 'us'.. What I didn't know was how unprepared I was to just wait upon my husband and see to his needs, especially when I have always been the on the go person. Before you judge, I am definitely not complaining. In fact, I see all the little things of praying for him before he goes to work, cutting him fruits, doing gardening with him as luxuries, even more so when we knew my days are numbered here in New Zealand in the near future. However, there are times when you just feel like having some time just for yourself, without having to accommodate to someone else's time or likes, and just be at your own pace.

I am thankful that my husband understands, and often wants me to get out of the house for a breather. And that was exactly what I did today... I dated myself :)

After seeing the husband off, I got ready, put on some makeup, and stepped into the beautiful weather~

Ahhhh~~~ I love the sun.

One of the greatest perks of living in this neighbourhood,
the bus stop to the city is exactly opposite our house!

But the bus was a lil late today... hmm..

Bus fare here in NZ probably is a lil pricier (especially if I compare it to Malaysia).. It's 2 stages from my place to Civic Centre so that was NZD3.40 for a one-way ride..(It's RM9.51 for one way okay!)



Hello Queen Street!

ok let me rephrase..

For one,
I am the type who can spend a whole hour in Whitcolls (a 3-storey bookstore), and loves entering quirky stores. Though shopping with girl friends brings a different type of fun, there is just something relaxing about wandering around at your own pace, entering any shops you like, and spending as much or as little time in the shops as you like.

I could never shop with Alex. He is a very practical type of person, the type who goes out with a shopping list and clear idea of what he wants to get. I on the other hand, if given a chance, would love to spend as much time as I want in a supermarket, browsing aisle to aisle, wondering what recipes to prepare.

So yea,

I went into quite a number of shops, mostly coming out empty handed, because things are more expensive here (especially when I had to convert everything to RM)... But I did get a few items that I quite like, not for me though... I am very stingy towards myself lol, and am more of a giver. I am the product of my dad. He too, is more of a giver. For instance, I saw this unicorn pen that I really like. It was NZD3, so at the back of my mind, it is more than RM8, which to me is not worth it for a pen.

Then, I saw this cute stationary which I knew a friend of mine would like, and it was NZD 15.

And I bought it.



After walking for quite a bit, I saw this cute cafe, called The Shelf.

The decor is really interesting but I didn't snap pictures of it.. Basically its filled with shelves, decorated with all sorts of quirky pieces.. and has different layouts and seating~

I made my order...

and was given this..

short wait later, came my Flat White and possibly the best blueberry cheesecake I have ever had~

People watching, doing reflection, going through my usual mobile reads, sipping a cup of fragrant coffee, taking small bites of my creamy cake.....

I really enjoy this lil coffee date with myself.

Pampering our own self once a while is really important.

Instead of just lugging ourselves through the days to make meets end, or getting distracted by things around us, or going through life pleasing everyone but yourself,

it feels really good just to have that time and space, even though just for a couple of hours,

to pay attention to yourself,
to love yourself.

When was the last time,
you dated yourself?

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