Sunday, 2 March 2014

Marriage 漏满地 #6 - The Husband, The Troll

As I mentioned many times before, my husband is a real joker beneath all the disguise. He makes me laugh so much sometimes till tears come out...

One thing I realised, since we got married, we been so comfortable with each other (perhaps too comfortable) that we have no 'culture' or restrictions between us... and the most fav thing that we do to each other is... farting. AND GOSH DO WE FART A LOT. hahahaha.. We have so many fart-wars, but still is funny every time hahahaha...

For instance,

When I woke up, he came rolling over me, hugging me close... and before I could enjoy the early attention, he did this ridiculous loud fart, which I could feel the vibration!!!! And while I shouted at him, he continued to pin me down with his body weight, claiming that he is protecting me from the smell hahahahahaha....

Real life example of 'you jump, i jump. you die, i die.' lol


And then there was another instance,

He woke up before 5am because he wanted to go to the men's prayer meeting. I just continued to snuggle in the warm covers.... And just when I was stretching myself, letting out some sounds... HE CAME RUSHING IN, TURNING ON THE LIGHTS AND SAID 'YOU CALLING FOR HELP?' in his exaggerated pitch.

Thanks to him, I was blinded by the sudden surge of lights, laughed uncontrollably and couldn't get back to my beauty sleep.... @_@


And then there was an incident yesterday.

We were watching a show while munching on some snacks..

Suddenly, he turned to me and went..

"Oh, my love for you is...*cheesy cheesy stuff... and more cheesy stuff*...."


"What's so funny??? Why are you making fun of me??? Wooohooohooo.."

still laughing with tears in my eyes, I dragged him to the mirror...

and he finally see what I saw..

instead of being self conscious, he continued on and on with his cheesy antics, flaunting those sexy teeth and making me laugh till I was rolling on the carpet.. hahahaha


He said I am being unfair. Because all I do is expose his 漏满地ness, while I have a fair share of mine hahahahaha...

I won't deny, I fool around a lot with him too, and sometimes I can even be quite disgusting in my humour lol. But it's so hard to describe what I did because I use a lot of 'body language' and crazy moves (my close friends might have a better idea of what Alex had to go through as they had their chances of experiencing 'me' hahahaha)

and yes, I am pretty good in the fart-wars too.

there goes my pretty, ladylike image. :p

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