Sunday, 9 March 2014


With the whole world buzzing about the disappearance of the flight, my heart sank and I am quite overwhelmed by unexplainable feelings...

I felt disgusted by the awful speculations and blaming by self-proclaimed experts;

I felt sad for the close kins who are probably worried sick or in limbo;

And I felt vulnerable.
Something like this does not only happen in movies and series that we loved to watch. Something like this could happen, to me, to you, to anyone.

While there are many people who sensationalises the situation, I for one, was given the wake up call...

With only slightly more than a week to go, I will have to bid goodbye to my husband and possibly see him soonest in 2 months, or latest in 8. Though knowing how hard it would be, never have I thought that could be my last farewell.

How silly it is for us, though well aware of the fragility of life, we tend to think that we will not die, at least not today.

It is so easy to take things for granted, be glued to screens, live lifelessly, or only to 'exist'...

How many of us can say, if the Lord decides to take us home today, we have lived well and finished our race?

How many of us can be proud to have today as our last day on earth?

As my heart and prayers go to those in the flight and their families and friends, I also promise myself to appreciate the privilege of being alive, to love to the fullest , to be the best that I can be, to be a lighthouse for the Lord.

I'm going to hug my husband tighter, and to tell my parents I love them...

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