Friday, 12 July 2013

Milse Dessert Bar - Yay or Nay?

Most of my dates with the mister revolve around food.. glorious food! We are quite adventurous when it comes to trying out new places, but not without much research and reading reviews online. Our 'food'losophy has always been "if we are going to spend money on food, let's make it well spent" ;)

So even before I headed over to Auckland during the May-June school break, Alex had been tempting me with pictures and blog reviews on this new and happening dessert bar in Britomart! Dessert bar? Yup, that sounded exciting to me already and easily became one of my first-to-check-out foodie scene in Auckland ;)

Finally, Alex had to go to the city for his work and brought me along, dropping by Milse Dessert Bar for a sweet bite~ We had a little trouble finding this small patisserie initially as it wasn't particularly on the main road but kinda hidden in an alley.. At last, with Alex's trustworthy mobile GPS, we found it!

I was like a kid who just stumbled onto Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and couldn't wait to get in (partly because it was rather chilly that day too lol). The place is rather quaint, and with only very few tables and seats. We were quickly served and given seats by the walls. Not complaining, we took our seats and i went off surveying the dessert selection while Alex was busy doing his work through his phone :P

There were gateaux..

handmade chocolates...

tarts and stuff-with-names-that-i-could-not-remember,

Gourmet Gelato on sticks

and macarons... really colourful ones..

It wasn't that easy nailing down to just two items to try (the price is rather hefty) but we settled with a Mini Alaskan Bomb for Alex, and a  Raspberry, Rose and Chocolate gateaux for me!

However, due to the lack of manpower on a really busy afternoon, (or perhaps just some inefficiencies) they did not serve us our Cinnamon and Vanilla Hot Chocolate (NZD 9.50). Though the waitress was very apologetic, we decided we would not wait for our drinks and to just pay and leave..

So what's my final verdict about this fancy lil place?
Been there, good enough.

I doubt I would make a second or third trip back to this place as honestly speaking, we were kinda disappointed and felt that this place was over-hyped.

For the price, for the publicity, we were expecting a lot more, as the dessert though not too sweet (which I like) was nothing spectacular or memorable.

It could be we did not pick the right dessert that would leave us with a really good first impression, but then again, shouldn't all the products sold in a shop be equally good in its own unique ways?

Even so, don't let my less than enthusiastic experience deter you from giving this place a try and judging it yourself :)

Milse Dessert Bar
27 Tyler Street Auckland

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