Saturday, 13 July 2013


Wedding planning has been really fun actually.

I was never that girl who dreamt about her fairy-tale wedding since young; nor was i ever obsessed with the thought of putting on a wedding gown. Imagine my 'cultural shock' when i came upon 'pinterest' and wedding blogs, dedicated to make people spend lots of money for that 'perfect', 'magical' day. Though i must admit, i fell for those dreamy-looking pictures and well-taken photographs too. In fact, i probably even got a little carried away with those tiny details UNTIL sense came back to me.

Am i in love with the idea of a wedding or am i in love with the idea of marrying the one i have been madly in love with?

It all came clear, and now i just pray for a marriage, blessed by God, and definitely by my parents.

So i pretty much mellow down on a lot of aspects, though i was still adamant on DIY-ing some stuff just because i love to add those personal touch.. BUT... one thing that i could not compromise was, the DRESS.

And gosh is finding the perfect gown difficult!

I went searching with Ray and Rachel in KL with only one gown that i kind of like.
I went around all the bridal shops in Taiping with mum and came back with not even one that fits what i was looking for...
and finally,
in Penang, I FOUND THE DRESS (which both my parents approved of) but was not of my size and could not be altered!!!! *cries*

so finally, i just settled for this gown, which wasn't exactly the ONE, but i guess it was close enough. Plus, i got a pretty sweet deal out of it so i guess i'm happy for now :)

As all the shops forbid photo-taking, my friends, and my mum managed to sneakily steal some shots for me. Though the pictures were not exactly flattering, i thought it would still be fun to share some dresses that i did try on :P

However, none of them were close to what i had in mind.

The actual dress was only seen by some lucky few (my parents - who were there with me through the fitting, and some of my girls - through whatsapp lol ;) 
Not even Alex had the slightest clue what i'll be wearing and i like that lol

If all goes well, under God's guidance, provision and protection,
I'll be walking down that isle, with only my closest family and friends, in a small private affair, towards my super awesome groom... in exactly five months ^_______^

i'm anxious
i'm excited
i can't wait ;)


  1. Wedding planning can be lotsa funnn! but sometimes we girls do get consumed LOL. But yes, in the end what matters is the person you're getting married to, blessed and watched by yr family and close friends, not the one day event. but there's no harm in getting excited abt the preps, and oh, getting jitters before the day! Happy planning babe! :)

  2. U're beautiful in every clothes u wore . . :)