Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cincaicook #2 - Pepsi Chicken Wings!

Alex came home with domino's pizza, which came with a free can of..

We had a sip, and we both hated it lol. So when Alex was thinking of pouring out the content and throwing the can to the recycling bin, I casually said, "why not use it for our chicken wings?"

Hence, this was created!

a collaborative effort indeed!

So yea.. here's another fail-proof recipe!

Before we start, here's some foodie knowledge I have gathered from watching cooking shows and reading recipes ... Marinating is IMPORTANT. We often think that marinating chicken or meat with soy sauce gives it flavor when actually it is more of a 'colouring' process. So, always season the meat again when cooking.

For this particular recipe, remember that any form of soda only tenderises the meat. It does not really add flavour to the meat. Ok, we shall proceed to the ingredients :)

Ingredients needed: (for 2 servings)

- chicken wings  (8-10 nibbles)
- a can of soda (coke or pepsi)
- two spoonful of honey (I used our cheaper clover honey. Don't waste your manuka honey on this)
- two spoonful of soy sauce
- salt and sugar (according to your taste)


1. Marinate your chicken with the pepsi (we flooded the wings with the soda and threw away the rest lol), honey, and soy sauce for at least 3 hours.
2. Now you have two choices: You can either pan-fry the chicken first till cooked and golden brown (without the marinate sauce) or grill your chicken till your desired doneness (which my husband did and grilled them so beautifully).
3. Once you are happy with how your chicken looks, pour in the marinate sauce. Once boiled, lower the heat and let it cook and simmer till completely reduced and absorbed by the chicken.
4. The end product would be beautifully caramelised chicken, a lil sticky, sweet with some fizzy taste to it!

Try it! It gets addictive ;)

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