Sunday, 2 February 2014

the pregnancy scare lol

It has only been 51 days or 1 month 20 days or 7 weeks since i became Mrs Liao, and it has been eventful, heaps of joy and lots of laughter. Now, we have something new to add on to it - the scare, that made us cry-laugh-cannot hahahahaha...

You see, Alex and I decided that we will not try to conceive, at least for the first year of marriage because there are just too many uncertain possibilities that could happen, and mainly we both know that we are not ready to be parents yet. However, I couldn't take the PILL because my doctor advised me against it since several family members of mine had cancer... So, we ended up not really doing birth control, just not trying hard to conceive hahahahaha


my period was one day late. I took no heed of it because it's just one day.

And it was late for 3 days... Nah, its okay...i think...

And the period calendar showed - LATE 5 DAYS.
This was when we started making jokes about me being pregnant and Alex is going to be a dad. And he would lament about how are we going to raise a child... or that he is too young... and said his old study desk will be the baby's crib etc @_@'''

I started feeling a lot of discomfort too... And every time I announced (see my chosen verb lol) to him how I was feeling, he would go like.. "Ohhhh.. Another sign..."

Yup, we both googled on early signs of pregnancy separately and found out that the other person did that and laughed really hard about it.

So, what are the signs of early pregnancy?

1. Shortness of Breath
Dang... I was breathing really heavily and sometimes my chest feels very tense...

2. Sore Breasts
Errrrr... There have been some discomfort....oops..

3. Fatigue

4. Nausea 
I felt dizzy in the car, in the house, and even felt like puking after that Thai dinner!!!!!

5. Frequent Urination 
I have always have a weak bladder but I was going to the toilet so damn frequent especially at night that Alex got a lil annoyed!!!!

6. Headaches
What??? Even headaches too???? I have that all too often!!!

7. Backaches
T______T Yes, my back ache was sore from time to time...

8. Cramping 
Of course I felt that... I kept thinking it was my period... all those false alarm and wasted pads!

9. Cravings or Food Aversions 
Hmmmm.. Not entirely sure about this.. I still eat... But I did prefer ginger which is just a lil weird for me..

10. Constipation and Bloating 

11. Mood Swings 
While I insisted that I did not have this, the husband disagreed lol.

12. Elevated Basal Body Temperature
No freaking idea what is this lmao.

13. Super Smell 
This is a more controversial one. Alex was down with cold so he couldn't smell much while I felt like my smell was heightened to the extent I told him that our tap water in the kitchen smelt like garlic and he rolled his eye at me hhahahahahaha

14. Dizziness or Fainting
Both of us were really dizzy those days coz he was sick and we think he gave me the cold too

15. Spotting 
I'm sure I have that. I have proof. @_@.. Ok.. moving on..

16. Late Period 
Like duh... that's why I even googled this information...

As you can see, we had all the reasons to be paranoid.... Even though we both knew that if I do get pregnant, it's a gift from God and that it should be a good piece of news, we were also worried whether we would be able to cope with all the changes and afford the bills..

And I came to appreciate my husband even more. Though he made some mean jokes earlier, he apologised and told me not to worry, and that we would go through everything together...

So yesterday marked the 6th day of no period. We were 55% sure that we are going to be parents lol and he would suddenly touch my tummy and call me 'THE MOTHER OF MY CHILD' in a funny tone hahahahaha..

Next thing I knew, I caught him browsing.. not his usual websites of cars... but MATERNITY CLOTHES!!!  hahahahaha

He would also annoyingly tell me, "YOU GOTTA EAT MORE DARLING. YOU ARE EATING FOR TWO!'

The highlight came when we were in bed...

"I have decided what to name our kids! If he is a boy, he will be called Israel. If a girl, she will be Israeli"

"Noh. The kid is not a country nor its people! hahahahaha"

"Fine. Our kid will be called Potato then."

"You are never naming our child! You are going to ruin his life hahahahaha"

"The teacher will ask 'Potato, what is the answer to this question?' And he will reply, 'Potatoes!!!"


Yea... he went on and on about possible names that include all the angels from Supernatural, and random words that he made up hahahahaha .. (He used to want to name his son Zeus. Go figure. lol)

Came the 7th day (today). Went to toilet. Still none.. That's fine, we planned to get a pregnancy tester later today anyway - Let the guessing game come to an end once and for all..           

Went back to the kitchen to fix Alex his sandwich... felt a sudden sharp pain... rushed to the toilet and...............

I walked to the living room, Alex was by his computer...

I gave him a hug from the back and said, "老公,你不是爸爸了。"

And he went all melodramatic okay... saying "But I got the names figured out!"

But what happened later was no longer funny.. I had the worst cramps ever.
Still, we went to church and listened to a wonderful message on marriage.

The cramps got worse when we got back. So painful that I googled 'LATE PERIOD VERY PAINFUL' and came out with results on 'cysts' and 'early miscarriages' which freaked me out a lil.. God bless my good husband who comforted me before he had to go out for work (yes, he had to work on Sundays too) while I wallowed in pain in the bed...

and the man of the day, year and lifetime brought back...
 ahhhhhh... yums beyond words....

Ok. Gonna stop here and watched a movie with the hubs!

New update:

OKAY PEOPLE, the husband just read the post and his first response was, "HOW CAN YOU NOT DESCRIBE THE PIZZA???? YOU CAN'T JUST PUT A PICTURE AND NOT TELL PEOPLE WHAT IS IT!!!!" lol..


My wonderful husband customised the Lust Deluxe from Hell's Pizza, which is actually a pizza with Marinated Steak, Venison Pepperoni, Salami, Ham, Bacon & Smoked Cabanossi, Lashed With Béarnaise Sauce. And he asked to replace the tomato paste with smoky BBQ sauce.... super nice and satisfying yo!

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