Friday, 24 January 2014

bringing ol' school back to blog - diary of the day

Date: 24th January 2014. 
Weather: Sunny, slightly windy, very humid. 
Mood: Pretty happy ^_________^

Okay, this morning and as usual, Alex woke up before 6 @_@, and he gave me a kiss while I nudged and rolled into the covers and continued my beauty sleep. I woke up probably 30 minutes later, reached out for my phone to check for any messages, groaned a lil, snuggled out of the covers, pulled the curtains open, and put Alex's beloved plant on the window sill.

And as usual, his daily morning routine, he was having his plain water and banana in front of the computer, and I went into the kitchen to fix him his sandwich. Every time he saw me going to the kitchen, he would come in not only to nose around a lil, but also to make his own drink. He is 'super manly' in his taste you know.. coz he adds sugar and lots of milk into his cappucino... hahahaha...

and that's the sandwich he usually has~ Toasted bread with fried egg and lots of spinach

but uh-oh, there were only 2 slices of bread left, so I'm the one without the bread for today. It's ok, I shall sacrifice for my beloved husband, and perhaps make something more interesting lol.. So yea, i took out some button mushrooms, spring onions, eggs and milk, and whipped out this..

oh yeah... and ze omelette was super delish! I kept exclaiming how yummy it was and Alex got annoyed and said he will sign me up for Masterchef. He see me so UP, makes me shy shy (of course I know he was being sarcastic ... bleh.. I knew him for more than 5 years...)

Then it was just us taking turns to use the shower, and the hair dryer. My husband actually takes more time to get himself prep than me. My facial care items are only 2 bottles - SKII toner and pitera miracle water, and he has heaps of stuff - all the way to his lip care. But I love how he dresses smart and not selekeh like most guys I know... And yes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder because most of the time I think he should model for GQ or something. Oh yes, I can be as bias as I want, this is my blog.

After sending him off to work, I got myself ready to wait for the 9.25am bus. And lucky me, the bus stop is directly opposite our house - speaking of convenience. Then at 9.15, my stomach decided to go emo on me and I rushed into the toilet... Never had I had so much pressure to finish shitting fast, and the more tense i was, the harder it was for it to come out... So so stressed... But thank God, I managed to lock up and rushed to the bus stop, just in time for a selfie, and the bus came~

(love how wide and big the roads are in our neighbourhood!)

And the bus was super packed. I found an empty seat and behind me were two young kiwi boys... Found their talk pretty childish, all about girls, girls and girls. And oh no, this guy came up the bus and sat beside me, and he was pretty smelly... Just my luck... So every time the bus stopped, I was hoping for him to get down but nope.. he faithfully stayed by my side till we reached Civic Centre, which was the last stop... Haish..

Was super glad to get out of the bus!

Then it was a nice walk to the AA Centre, and guess which department did I go to?

Ok, thanks for trying to guess. What? You mean you didn't bother with it? Fine, the answer is... Level 6!

Waited for 10 minutes or so, got called, and received the nicest service ever and $26.50 poorer, I came out with our Marriage Certificate yo!

and then it was a nice walk down the slopes, into Queen St, and onto High St, for Alex's regular hairdresser..

I think they did a great job, and the service was pretty superb. Trust the koreans to make you feel pretty ;)

So I went from waist-length long hair .... to.

Alex said I look gorgeous in the second pic. IKR..

Then I walked around more, going from shops to shops and found myself no longer into Valleygirls or Glassons (shit I aged!) and bought our all-time favourite...

MRS HIGGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I was munching on that while waiting at the bus stop Alex told me to, and he picked me up, finished the other half of the cookie, and we were off to Katsura for our lunch!

Last year when we went to Katsure, Alex got a deal, and we quite love our experience..
This is our previous meal.. when he saw a similar deal on Grabone, we thought we just had to get it.. and we were downright disappointed... huhu

 not only were the sashimi not fresh.. the tempura oily and tasteless...

..the salad was just miserable... :'(

Only good from this meal, we were stuffed.

After lunch we went home, Alex freshened up and he went back to work. Then I got myself thinking, what to do now??? I practically read all the Conan comics, too full to do exercise, and not enough time to sit down and blog... Just at that moment, Syaza messaged me on FB! So we started chatting, and it was nice keeping in touch with someone from back home~ Thanks Syaz!

Not long after that, Alex called back and said his meeting ended and we were going to do grocery shopping. I bade farewell to Syaz, got ready, and jumped onto the car. I have a love hate relationship with grocery shopping. Sometime I love it, but there are also times when I get the most scoldings lol. Refer back to my incident in Pak N Save in a previous post. Other bad incidents include me removing the bags from the self-checkout counters before Alex finished the payment causing the alarm to go off, grabbed a bag of chicken that was broken and only noticed by Alex when it was out turn to pay etc... Yup, you get the drill...

I present to you my favourite aisle~

If only I have a pantry like this...... (pic is a lil blurry because i tried to take the pic without being noticed and have someone thinking why is this girl so damn jakun lol)

Anyway, TODAY WE DIDN'T FIGHT AT ALL AND WE BOUGHT LOTS OF CHEAP DEALS AND TIM TAMS AND CHOCOLATES AND CHIPS! Oklah, I bought lots of veges too for my 'kitchen misadventures' ;)

Since we are on that topic, let me show off some of my culinary creations! hahahaha.. not very good la, but I think they are not that bad loh...

 (beef noodle soup)

(mashed potatoes with crispy bacon, stir fried vegetables (capsicums, onions, carrots, mushrooms) and marinated wines grilled to perfection)

 Alex told me he wanted rice patties, like those of Mos Burger.. Having no idea how to produce that (except for Alex telling me what he remembered from a cooking show), I cooked the potatoes, seasoned them with salt and pepper and Worcester sauce, blended them and mixed into the cooked rice, which was later seasoned with Japanese soy sauce. 

oven-fried chicken drumsticks (seasoned with Italian herbs, black pepper, white pepper, brown sugar, fish sauce, course salt, rosemary), and made a sweet and tangy side dish by sautéing cauliflowers, onions, cranberries, rice vinegar and some sugar.


Enough of showing off my amateur skills that will make professional ones roll their eyes, we came back home from shopping, talked stupid stuff for a bit, laughed at some stupid stuff, he did more 漏满地stuff that are hilarious but a lil rated hahahahahaha and we had junk food for dinner~

Well, on our defense, we shared a Sugar Pear which was soooooooooo sweet, then only we indulged in the other two Mrs Higgins that i  bought earlier ;)

 On the left, we have Peanut Brownie, and on the right - Chewy Caramel...

And which one won our heart?


And that practically concludes our day.. We lazed in front of the TV watching cheap shows like reruns of Friends, Shortland Street, and now The Bachelor Australia.. while I am here typing away..

Oh, the man decided its the best time to go clear the leaves that fell into our lil pond.. We had some strong winds two days before and that made our garden a lil messy :'( 

So yea, the superman just went out to save the garden!

And that ends the entry of today!

Bye diary! See ya next time!


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