Saturday, 4 January 2014

Food Travelogue in Taichung!

Without a doubt, our best time in Taiwan was actually during our two days one night in Taichung, Taiwan. Not only we had fun with Alex's family from his mum's side, we also had a lot of good food. A LOT of food.

So, our foodie adventure started once we arrived at the train station. Just a walk away, there was this fancy shop, very crowded, selling local delicacies in creative packaging.

They sell desserts too, but because the queue was just too ridiculous, we went to meet the aunt and cousin at their other branch, another 5 minutes walk away~

This branch was of a different concept. Renovated from an old bank, this branch is popular for its 卤味 (braised dishes)

Alex and I only shared a drink, while savouring some braised dishes the aunt had ordered~

And apparently, when in Taichung, one must eat its 肉丸 (gigantic meat ball. I added in 'gigantic' because you will see why soon)

So, we did. Aunty Meigo took us to this eatery which was supposedly the favourite place of my mum-in-law..

 Did you see how enormous one meat ball is??? So what they do is, they deep fry the meat ball (which has soup in it!) first, then serve it with some homemade sweet chilli and garlic and soy sauce.

How one portion looks like..

and here's a better look at it~

Very juicy, and addictive. I was full after one, but turns out most people would order more than one. My mum-in-law could even finish three by herself ;)

Throughout our stay in Taiwan, we been to this franchise 春水堂 numerous times because its really good. In Taichung, we found ourselves in that franchise twice, different outlets both visits, but consistently good quality and experience.

Here are some of the yummy snacks we had during our visits.







and Alex's favourite of all time
deep-fried mantou, dipped in condensed milk.

All of the items were really good. The deep fried items are not oily at all, and the braised items are very flavourful. There were a couple more dishes that we tried but due to them been eaten before getting immortalised through the lens, yup.. gone. lol

In Taichung, there is also a really famous night market ~ 凤甲夜市

and some of the loots from the night market..

 corn grilled in 'sha cha' sauce.

 A small sausage sandwiched in a bigger sausage! Wickedly yums!

and we had more salted chicken nuggets, tempura, chips, and fresh fruits..

Next morning, Aunt Angela bought us breakfast - the taiwanese way~

So so full~~~

And just when we thought we tasted all, we were treated to a luncheon at 廖妈妈 - a hakka restaurant, as our congratulatory meal with the extended family of Alex's mum. I really could not remember the names of the dishes, so just feast your eyes ;)

and just when you find yourself too full to even move or digest the wonderful meal you had, they served us complimentary desserts!

 Chewy pearl balls in syrup

and my all-time favourite..
mochi with lots and lots of peanuts!!!!

That was a really good meal.

And that ends our finger-licking good trip in Taichung! Hope I managed to get your stomachs growling ;)

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