Monday, 6 January 2014


It feels really weird reading about my teaching peers who are obviously back at work in Malaysia; while here I am, sitting down in front of my computer, wondering why is it so bright even at 9pm (Auckland's time).

Regardless of my current situation, I am and will always be a teacher at heart. I could always feel myself bubbling inside, wanting to be able to teach kids, someone, anyone, to see them excited to learn, and to find myself learning from them. But of course, my future is still pretty much uncertain and I'm still dealing with legalities stuff with my husband, which I really hope in God's grace, would be unveiled really soon, so that I can further develop myself in the education field (wherever that would be).

Last year, was a bittersweet year for me. Not knowing whether it would be my last in Gua Musang and Malaysia, I went all out to provide my students with the best experience I could offer. One of the exciting (in my opinion) things that I did was - using my social media as a platform to enrich my students. Basically, I posted a status on my Facebook, asking whether there are any one who might be interested to send a postcard / motivational note / token to encourage some of my very deserving kids who were facing their SPM shortly. I wanted my kids to know that the world is much bigger than the small town they were accustomed to, and that there are people (professionals, and working adults) out there who care about their education and future. When I posted that status, I was praying inside asking for at least some responses... BUT who would have known that I have people messaging and calling me to be involved in this small project of mine :')  Many of them were actually a pleasant surprise! I mean, we were probably acquaintances from before with no further contact and they were the ones approaching me with such excitement and commitment! Lots and lots of thanks to all of you!

Special thanks to Shazana really! Shazana not only showed me her enthusiasm, she managed to get a big group of her friends involved, which led to my kids receiving postcards from all corners of the world! I never seen some of them so proud of their packages. Some even framed up the cards they received, some told me they wanted to do replies, and most of them are just super thankful.

I would be thankful too if I am the one receiving these...

My biggest regret was that, quite a number (around 1/4 of the contributions) arrived late, maybe due to snail mail and also the many public holidays in Kelantan towards the end of the school year. Some of them arrived during the school holiday when I was no longer around. Thankfully, Nadia (my dear friend and awesome colleague) helped me to obtain my mail, informed me whose letters arrived, so that I could get my students to collect them in year 2014. Well, better late than never. I was also informed that some mails might be missing, especially those from overseas :'( Then again, some of the cards that Alex sent me from New Zealand never reached me too so I was not as surprise but still very sad and disappointed by the Malaysian postal service.

Before I end this post, I just want to cheer my fellow teacher friends on~
Be strong, and conquer that battlefield that each one of you have been placed on. You guys are an inspiration, not only to your kids, but also to me :)

And to Nadia,
Sorry that I wasn't around to help ease your burden in school. I know its going to be a crazy ride, but you can definitely soar through. You are awesome! Remember that. Miss ya babe~

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