Thursday, 9 January 2014

Marriage 漏满地 #1

From time to time, I will record the hilarious 'romance' we have in our marriage. Hope it gave you a laugh as these incidents made me laugh so hard.

Foreword: The husband is someone extremely against PDA. He looks really really serious on the outside, but behind closed doors he is a real joker to the core.

Story #1

It was the day of our marriage registration. I was all dolled up, looking pretty good if I may say so lol. We had to wait for our witnesses - Frank and Vivian, and stood at a corner as the whole Internal Affairs Department were really packed.

Suddenly. Alex stared me in the eyes... I looked at him adoringly, and smiled..... He came closer to me... I could feel his breath and was a lil taken aback by his proximity since we were at such a public place...

And with a really serious face, an inch away from mine, he said, "You have stuff in your teeth. There. Right in front."


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