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Review: G Hotel Sesame Restaurant Wedding Package

Continuing back from our unpleasant experience with Macalister Mansion, after long hours of browsing and comparing options, Alex and I came across G Hotel and I finally made contact with them for their wedding packages.

To our pleasant surprise, not only were their replies swift, but also very helpful. The only thing that might have caused us some inconvenience was probably the high turnover among their staff, as throughout our interaction and liaising with them between mid June till our wedding date on the 13th of December, we had different people taking over our event - to the point that out of our 3 drives up to the hotel, we were greeted by different coordinating teams/staff. Needless to say, there were some issues on the wedding day itself, but mainly to do with the rooms reservation (might blog about in the future) and also miscommunication in not providing us with the complimentary Executive Suite (which was later rectified), the food and beverage team were given strict instructions to provide the best service they could for our personal wedding. And I have to say, they went beyond our expectations and all our family and guests were really pleased with the whole run through of the event.

So let's have a look at the package we had. Keep it mind that we were only looking for a venue and package that suits a small and intimate wedding of only 60 guests. Thankfully, G Hotel recently started to introduce such packages for their Soy and Sesame Restaurant.

For their Intimate Sesame Wedding package (RM1188++ per table which equals to RM1378.08 per table), it came with

  • Sumptuous supreme 9 course Chinese Set

  • Free flow of Chinese tea

  • Free flow of soft drinks or fruit punch

  • Complimentary pre-dinner cocktail with selection of two (02) snacks

  • 5-tier wedding cake for cake cutting ceremony

  • Champagne fountain set-up with 2-bottles of sparkling juice for toasting

  • Complimentary backdrop

  • Complimentary usage of multimedia projector

  • Red carpet aisle with special flower display

  • Fresh flower poises on all dining tables and reception table

  • Tea light candles for all dining tables

  • Elegant designed set-up for bridal main table with fresh flowers

  • Special chair décor for bridal main table

  • Complimentary food tasting with one (01) bottle of house wine

  • Complimentary wedding invitation cards

  • Complimentary guest’s signature book

  • Delectable Chocolate pralines to your guests as a giveaway

  • Chinese red dates tea

  • Complimentary usage of tea set

  • A pair of Christofle chopstick

  • Capturing the moment at Hotel’s premises can be arranged

  • Exclusive VIP parking lot for bridal car at the Hotel façade

  • One session of Danai Signature Massage

  • Complimentary fitness centre membership for one month

  • Complimentary dinner for 02 persons on your 1st Anniversary

  • On Your Wedding Night: Complimentary One (1) luxurious night stay at Executive Suite with breakfast 
Sounded pretty good to us. So I paid the first deposit (half of the actual cost), went up to G Hotel for the food tasting with my family, Alex was able to visit the place a day before the wedding, finer details were discussed and carried out with great teamwork, and all in all, we had a beautiful time during the wedding celebration.

This is how Soy restaurant looked like.
 (photo taken from

which was transformed into this for our Christian ceremony and exchange of vows

and then we moved on to Sesame Restaurant (connected to Soy) for the chinese tea ceremony and the wedding dinner~

which originally was this..

(photos taken from

and beautifully arranged into this...

I would also love to have pictures of the food, but unfortunately most people might not be as unembarrassed to snap the food. Plus, service is different for the main table and the guest tables. While the guest tables were served a huge portion for 10, while a waiting staff serve them individually; at the main table, we were given and served individual portions with different presentation altogether.

So, I only have pictures of the food taken during food tasting, and also some pictures taken by my brother-in-law with his HTC One lol.
(by the way, while we expected the food to be mediocre or not as nice as the ones we had during food tasting, they surprised us with good flavours and generous portion. There were many compliments for the food served! Kudos to the chef!)

So we began our feast with

Kerabu kwei fei abalone
Vietnam prawn rolls
Baked sliced smoked duck meat
Fresh scallops with asparagus

and then came the Seafood soup of crabmeat and dry scallop with bamboo fungus (which we chose to replace the sharkfin soup)

  (it was so good, everyone thought they were having sharkfin. Very fragrant, light yet flavourful.)

The other dishes of the day were..

Fried prawn with cheese and garlic.

Braised sea cucumber with limpet abalone and broccoli


Baked cod fish in honey sauce

 Roasted duck with mini mantau

 Pineapple boat fried rice

and dessert were..

Chilled mango with pomelo (left)
Chilled honeydew melon with sago and ice cream (right)

and my uncle (the head pastry chef of shangrila kota kinabalu) also brought along his cake for me (the best cheesecake ever), and instructed the kitchen staff on how to serve us the cake lol

All in all,
I can only say that despite the whole hoohah we had with the hotel in terms of rooms reservation, we were extremely pleased with our decision to choose G Hotel's Sesame and Soy Restaurant as our wedding venue.
The pictures above (if not credited) are all taken with our personal cameras. More pictures of the wedding will be shared later on once I have the copies from our professional photographer ;)

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