Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The New Year

Phew.. and just like that, it is 2014.

New Zealand is one of the countries that welcomes the new year first, so Alex cheekily told me to call up my parents (in Malaysia) at 12+am New Zealand time (which was 7+ in the evening in Malaysia), and said "Hey, I'm calling from the future." Hahahahaha.. I know... It was pretty lame.. But we did it anyway hahahahaha...

Most of the time, the new year's eve is a good time to just reflect on the year or some just go all out to party. For us, we were literally the least happening young couple out there hahahaha. Let's see, what did we do?

We woke up slightly late, had our usual breakfast - a banana each, toast with eggs and spinach, yoghurt. Then, we got ready for a drive up to Whatipu - a really beautiful and untouched beach with black sands, located quite a drive away from the Huia dams. So as much as I love the beach, I actually do not look forward to the drive through the very winding and narrow roads...

So after an hour's drive, we were greeted with..

It feels great to feel like you have the whole place to yourself. While most people cramped themselves in the over-crowded Piha beach, a little detour brought us to such sanctuary. The weather was just beautiful, and the view was breathtaking.. A perfect place to enjoy each other's company, and say goodbye to the year~~~

After that, we went back home, lazed, watched two movies, I prepared dinner, we had dinner, watched more stuff on the computer and TV, and saw the fireworks from the sunroom of our lil home.

That was how we bid goodbye to 2013.

Back to some seriousness,
2013 was an incredible year. There was a lot of tears, despair, hope, wonder, more tears, drama, huge lessons, being humbled, and just being in awe of God's timing and plans, which are always greater than our understanding.

2014 is going to be a crucial year for Alex and I - where we will be? will we be separated by distance again? will our careers change?

So many questions, but your guess is as good as ours - we too have no idea how things will pan out.
All i know is, there is a kind of liberty and peace - to stop trying to steer our lives to the way we want or understand, and just allow God to be God. We will continue to be steadfast in our faith and in our prayers, and I can't wait to see what our Lord has in store for us this year :)

Happy New Year to all of you too!
Let it be a year of redemption, revival and finding the purpose of our lives !!!

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