Sunday, 5 January 2014

when you have the best girl friends in the world~~~

I briefly mentioned before that my marriage did not come easy... The drama and problems behind it are not something that could be told to just about anyone, but I'm glad that I have girl friends to confide with other than my partner and parents :')

Even though we had many friends getting married, making babies, and delivering babies, I was actually the first from our group to walk down the aisle! And the girls really went all out to make me feel special, providing me emotional support as well as being the best Wedding Committee I could ever ask for ;)

Alex and I were engaged for 1 year and 22 days before finally tying the knot, and yes, we had been planning for the wedding since I said Yes to his proposal. I started out having a lot of fun browsing wedding websites, vendors, idea boards, pinterest, bridal forums etc, but as bigger problems came into the picture, I was made to realise what matters more, and had a huge change of priorities..

We scaled down a lot, being very practical with our own financial standing, went through meticulous paper work, and made a lot of last minute changes to our plans to accommodate both families. It was to the extend that we both had to do so much traveling prior to our wedding date, with jam packed schedules and to my girls dismay, I wasn't even able to spare them some time for a hen's party.

And the girls had been talking about throwing me a hen's party since forever. There were so much excitement and silly jokes in our previous conversation that I felt so horrible not being able to spend some real quality time with the girls before I bade goodbye to my singlehood. The girls being their awesome selfs understood, took time out, and even traveled from afar to Penang a day before my wedding, just to help me out before the crazy starts~

This was when our bad experience with G Hotel's front office started.
Possibly due to them being overbooked with three weddings happening on the same day, they screwed up our rooms requests, gave our guests very late check in without any attempts of consolation. The girls had to wait for an hour plus, and still their rooms were not ready! Alex and I went to the front office and were very stern with them (especially Alex, as he could not accept such service) and finally they gave us the keys to the girls' room, and added a single bed for free. The girls were happy with the outcome of course, and went up to their rooms. However, I just had a bad feeling within me and quickly made a call to the girls. True enough, they did not send the complimentary bed into the room!!! (They even sent another single bed that we paid for to the wrong room prior to this). Another call to housekeeping, and they quickly sent that bed to the room.

Turns out, the girls were glad that I made that phone call to housekeeping as they were worried dead that their bridal shower surprise would fail horribly if the bed was sent much later, at the wrong time hahahaha.

For those who had been following my blog since my wordpress days, would know how my dad trolled Alex's proposal. You can read all about it here if you haven't lol
And unfortunately for the girls, my mum accidentally spilled the beans and told me that the girls wanted to throw me a bridal shower! hahahahahaha... I really have parents who troll lol

So, I will spare everyone the details of how everyone tried to wean lies together and changed their stories from one to another, in order to keep the surprise lol. But seriously, I was touched beyond words, knowing how much effort went behind this sweet party they did for me :')

We had hardcore drinking and toasting in form of Sparkling Grape Juice worth RM4.99 hahahahaha.
Lots of camwhoring...
Loud talking and yelling (on Wira's part)...
Gifts opening (that made me go 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww')

And then they made me wear that sash and tiara and walked to our dinner place!

And we had yummy porkie dinner~~~

And cheapskately lepak at Coffee Bean without ordering any drinks lol, before going back to the girls' room ;)

I was able to thoroughly enjoy my time with the girls because Alex and my parents willingly took over some other wedding duties including picking up the in-laws from the airport etc~~

Anyway, I really did not expect my girls to spend so much time and money to give me a memorable day. Even though we could hardly meet up due to us being placed in places far away from each other, I love how we could always talk silly, laugh at each other, and even have matured, intelligent and sometimes adulterated talks with ease ;)

So this post is also a shout out to my pretty ladies~

 Dear Chong-ee,

You are smart, sensible, a great listener, and despite your 'tallness', you are possibly the most 'manja' of us all. I really appreciate your messages, that always seemed to come at the right time, and you always know what to say ;) Thank you for being a big part of my celebration. Love you maknae!

Dear Poh BB,
From roommates, to being apart, and to sharing the same room, and being separated again, we have always been great partners of fun and crime. I love how I could always count on you to do silly stuff as you are always game for just about anything hehe. You are strong, decisive and do not accept lemons thrown at you. I love ya and wish that you will achieve all the goals you set out for yourself ;)

Dear Pinks,
I am always thankful to have you join our lil group! You are a spicy cracker, witty, and someone who really knows how to have fun. We did so soooo many stupid stuff together, some too embarrassing to even reminisce about hahahaha. Your happiness is what I really wish for. You have been through so much, and I really want you to be truly truly happy! Love you much!

Dear Weeeee-rah,
You are beautiful, with a whole lot of crazy and surprise ;) There's never a dull moment with you around, and you really know how to make a reunion fun (with a lot of your random screamings too hahahaha) I know you been working really hard to achieve what you want in life. So continue to be the fabulous you, and don't settle for less than what you truly deserve~ Love you baby gal!

I really have a bunch of pretty girl friends, who are awesome in their own rights!
Don't you think so? ;)

PS. There are also a number of ladies out there whom I really love and am thankful for~ Shoutout to my baby girls Kelsey and Sze Wei (who were drop dead gorgeous and helped me so much during my wedding), Cindy (who is always a great friend and host, and for coming all the way for my wedding~), Yen Ping (for crying and making me cry, and coming all the way from Singapore), Herng Chyi, Poh Tee, Kooi Fong, Guat Theng (for making the trip and celebrating such an important day with me), Ray (for being such a great friend and person, for always keeping in touch, for taking the trouble to come with your husband) and Dzeti (for being awesome, caring, and being there during my most important day)..

If only we have more time to really hug and catch up~ Lots of love to all of you.

PSS. And a special guy to thank - Adam Jay! Thanks for taking the trouble and for being such a great MC and also for that very thoughtful and creative gift~

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