Monday, 10 February 2014

Marriage 漏满地 #5 - The Interview Prep

Last Friday, I was estactic when I received a phone call for an interview on Monday (today). To be honest, it took me by surprise because for one, it wasn't even the end of the application period yet, second - everyone told me it's really hard to get even an interview because of the little postings and competitive applicants, and third - it was only the 3rd day since I started applying for jobs.

Alex, being the supportive husband he has always been, decided to 'PREP' me for my interview. It is a teacher aide role and that would mean working with kids with special needs, so Alex, without any prompting, had been acting as a really really really difficult child hahahahaha... He may have taken his role a lil too serious lol.

Our conversations for these few days have all started with "TEACHER TEACHER!" in his hilarious, pitchy tone.

"Teacher, teacher! Jerry said that you are fat!"

"Teacher, teacher! You smelly!"

"Teacher, teacher! You got a pimple on your face!"

"Teacher, teacher! I tell my mummy, you ask me to go back to JAY - PAN!"

"Teacher, teacher! When I get nervous, I poop in my pants! Oops. I think I just wet myself!"

"Teacher, teacher! Why is your nose so flat???"

and the funniest , out-of-control line...

"Teacher, teacher! I'm going to tell my mum, you touch me in places I've never been touched! I'm gonna call the police to catch you!!!"

hahahahahahahaha... laugh die me.. and he doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon!!!



  1. teacher teacher i miss u...hahaha

    1. hahahaha.. miss you too kak dilah! Nak donut!!!

  2. Teacher teacher! be happy always! Miss you loads Felicia :)

    1. Thanks Christin! Hope you are doing well :)