Thursday, 13 February 2014


all couples who are in, or have been through LDR would know how hard it is to celebrate important dates, including the highly commercialised ones.

And tomorrow, will actually mark the first Valentine's that we celebrate together! Not that it's that big a deal for us, but it feels nice to be celebrating Christmas, Chinese New Year, and now Valentines together (though very much low key and far from fancy)..

One of the many funny traits of our relationship is that - I always managed to ruin Alex's surprise, even without trying lol.

But, this year, he totally sabotaged himself.. which was hilarious and I did not let him get away with it easily lol.

What happened was, a few days ago we were worrying about the huge bills coming in so we sat down together to look at our card transactions on his computer... While I was carefully screening through our expenses, he suddenly exclaimed 'What did you buy from Amazon?'

I totally gave him a clueless look.. and he quipped.. "Oh, it was me."

Immediately I looked straight at that particular item (and its price), and laughed out loud.."YOU GOT ME A TEDDY!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.. YOU RUIN YOUR OWN SURPRISE! HAHAHAHAHA"

He tried to brush it off and distract me with his antics but I kept pestering him "When is it coming? When is it coming?" lol.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything because Alex is more of a action-speaks-louder-than-gifts person. In fact, he never understood the act of gifting before we got together. But I was fine with it because he knows just how to pamper me from time to time, like getting me cronuts when he got back from work and giving me massages and making me laugh... I definitely appreciate those lil acts that are consistent more.

Another fun fact: Throughout our 5+ years of partnership, the last valentine gift I received from him was 4 years ago lol. And that was such a funny incident because in 2010, Valentines day fell on the first day of Chinese New Year. Since he couldn't find a Taiping florist online, he ordered flowers for me from Ipoh, and the poor delivery guy was stuck in the massive CNY traffic jam for more than 2 hours (the usual trip should take around 45 minutes), gave me the flowers, and had to return back to Ipoh and go through the traffic jam again. Poor guy.

picture is blurry because my phone sucks at that time lol.

After that incident, he said he would not torture any florist delivery guy anymore hence no more flowers for me @_@


And the packaged came two days ago!

ITS BMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was ecstatic when I saw what's in the box because my husband actually entertained my love for BMO!!!

Must take more pics of our new addition!

And we welcome this lil family into our lil household

 (bride and groom plushies are our wedding / christmas gift from Uncle Daniel.)

Instead of over-priced jewelry or short-lived flowers, I am so thrilled that he pays attention to my likes and dislikes..which makes this gift so much more precious to me!

Now that I received his gift to me, I was under immense pressure of what to prepare for him. I knew I am going to prepare a Valentine's meal, but I wanted to get him something thoughtful too..

This is when the problem arises.

I am a "gifter", and I probably have given Alex everything I could think of. I knew what he really wants but they are too pricey (eg the Prada shades he has been looking around for) and it will be unwise for me to get those when we have bills to worry about; so I can only go for 'its the thought that counts' lol.

During his birthday when I first celebrated with him, he was 21 years old so I got him 21 small gifts that reminded me of him.

I did scrapbooks ...

with songs that I wrote..

printed photobooks..

and also gave him stuff from 'Gifts for Him' department...
I'm running out of options.
In the end, I decided to just prepare these for him..

and knowing he has a sweet tooth, here's

filled with marshmallows, toffees, chocolates, gummies and fruit lollies :)

So what shall I cooked for tomorrow's special dinner?

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